Weirdest Thing I’ve Ever Heard a Girl Say

Here’s a little story I think about every time I hear girls talk about how disgusting men can be.

“You can’t pee when you have a boner,” she said.

“Actually, you can,” I said.

“You can’t,” she insisted.

I had thought that, as a male, my knowledge of my own anatomy would count for something on this topic. I tried again.

“You can pee with an erection,” I explained further. “We just don’t because it’s hard to aim the stream in a desirable direction.”

“Really?” she asked.




She erupted into laughter, and then said:

“If I were a guy, the next time I had sex, I would pee inside the girl.”

I honestly don’t remember how I responded to that, but I think my reaction was something like this:

  1. Way too funny. This is making girls look bad… not all of us are that ridiculous though

    • My point was that men aren’t the only ones who say gross things. I wasn’t trying to make girls look bad.

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