Woman vs. Woman

Watching a program with a couple of women last night. A beautiful girl appears on the screen.

“Ew, look at her eyebrows,” one of them says.

The other: “Yeah, and what’s with her ears?”

I’m dumbfounded. To my male mind, all I can see is a very attractive girl. Finally, I say, “Women judge and criticize other women so harshly. That girl is beautiful.”

“Exactly. We need to find something wrong with her.”

  1. Man, I’ll tell you what. The story goes.. One girl I dated said she switched from all female softball to co-ed because women were nice to each other’s face but catty as hell behind each other’s backs.

    Another woman I know said she decided to stop working at a Salon for the same reason…

    Truth be told, women are VERY competitive creatures….

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