Vagina envy: why this generation’s women are doing better than its men

"I'm a thirty-year-old boy."

I’m aware I’m making sweeping generalizations. None of this is meant to be taken seriously. Any truth I do reveal will come out accidentally through humorous exaggeration.

The females of our generation are going further and doing more with their lives (so far) than the males. More of them graduate from college, more of them seek important jobs and pursue their dreams. They’re ambitious and optimistic.

The males of our generation suffer from a prolonged childhood. Even those of us who got degrees and jobs just want to come home at the end of the day play video games. We just don’t care as much.

And it’s the women who are more upset with the way this is working out. Like I said, the men just don’t care.

A combination of biological, social, and anthropological forces converged to create this storm. I’ve discussed this in depth elsewhere and will probably write a comprehensive article on this in the future. For now I want to focus on and consider two new possible contributing factors.

I think this would be funny framed and hung up in a brothel.

1. Women get more encouragement than men

Girls have a talent for absorbing manic positivity. Just look at that fucking picture. It even has a drawing of a woman on it—clearly the target audience is female. Could you imagine a man posting that?

Women dangle constantly over the edge of abysmal insecurity. Being attractive is critically important to women; it’s their primary biological weapon against all the other females in the competition to pass on their genes. Attractiveness is so important to women, in fact, that those who aren’t attractive are forced to pretend it’s not important—and most women feel unattractive to at least some degree.

And then you have other attributes like intelligence and likeability (number of friends), kindness, etc., which are also areas of competition.

The state of perennial social warfare in which girls live, constantly assessing one another and themselves, does not make this any easier.

Thus the universal appeal of cloying crap among females about how special you are, like that image above. Thus the emphasis in female interactions on compliments and compliments and compliments. Women have acquired an ability to actually believe these things because the alternative is hellish.

Browse any online dating site and look at all the positive things girls have to say about themselves. Look how high they rate their own confidence levels. Read their list of requirements for prospective dates. I’m not saying that they’re justified or unjustified; my point is that the amount of specialness exuded by these girls’ profiles is clearly fueled by the female positivity-uniqueness complex.

Men simply can’t swallow the “you’re so special” bullshit. I read stuff like that and it’s just funny to me. I can’t think of another man who would buy something like that. It’s patronizing and condescending to give female-grade encouragement to a man because it presumes that he needs it (and it’s even worse if he does need it), so whenever someone offers us this sort of crap we say thanks and forget about it.

Men can’t take this positivity away from women, either. First of all, we want to have sex with them so we can’t say anything negative. And even if we did tell them it was bullshit, they have other girls to step in and make them feel better.

The joke is on the men, though, because the specialness propaganda seems to be working for women.

2. Men are capable of a level of a greater level of laziness than women

I can’t provide much explanation about this.

I get the general sense that men are just more cynical and nihilistic, thus more hedonistic, than women. Maybe this accounts for our ability to lie motionless for an entire weekend.

In conclusion

All babies are female by default; the standard human being is a woman. Males are mutated females, our role being to support female reproduction not only by planting the seed but also by carrying out all the work, building structures for us to live in, keeping the fires going, hunting for food, and teaching the women’s sons to do the same.

That used to be our role, anyway. Things have changed over the last hundred thousand years. A lot of us are starting to wonder what the hell we’re for anymore.

Note: I’m not saying that women are suppressing men or are somehow responsible for this problem. It’s the women, in fact, who are more upset about it, who wonder “where the men have gone.”


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