Hot girls are the most powerful humans

The best type of human to be, in descending order, where “attractiveness” means physical attractiveness:

  1. An attractive female. This offers the widest selection of mates, as well as the greatest ease in acquiring them. You can basically take your pick of all available males.
  2. An attractive male. Most females are attainable for you, but you still have to demonstrate some combination of intelligence, skill, social status, power, and ability to acquire wealth. If you succeed at this, you have a chance at acquiring most available females.
  3. An unattractive male. What you lack in attractiveness you have to make up for in intelligence, social status, wealth, etc. Your selection of females increases with your ability to do this.
  4. An unattractive female. Your personality and intelligence can only make up for your unattractiveness to a very limited degree. You are pretty much limited to guys with low standards.

I am only trying to capture the general trend as I see it. I’m not saying it’s fair or good—though I’m also not saying it’s bad. Nature made it this way for a reason.

These rakings are oversimplified, of course. Very few people are simply “attractive” or “unattractive,” and much variation exists in the preferences of each individual. Anomalies also exist. An unattractive girl may be lucky enough to find an attractive male who perceives himself to be unattractive, for example. Homosexuality is not accounted for.

But this is basically how it works.


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