Females as mythical creatures

Like any self-reinforcing behavior, viewing women as mythical creatures creates a feedback loop. It’s very simple, actually. On the receiving end you have this sense that she is unattainable. This causes you, on the transmission end, to project this unattractive “I am not worthy” vibe. This negatively influences her view of you, putting her out of reach and confirming the feeling you started with.

It is weird for me to think of females as just people—I instinctively see them as something more important than that. My cells know that another human with fine facial features, breasts, and a strong hip-to-waist ratio is someone they can mix their genes with. This creates not only sexual attraction, but an emotional association of a woman with the future—and whether or not you will be happy in it. (This feeling, like sexual attraction, is not specific to one woman but is an effect that all women have on men to varying degrees.)


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